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The Editors' New Groove: Vol VIIII

An awful lot of stellar tunes came out at the tail-end of the year. Here's the best of the lot.
January 4, 2014, 1:10am

The Editors' New Groove is a weekly pow-wow on the freshest new releases on THUMP's editors and regular contributors' radars.

1. Beyoncé - "Drunk In Love (feat. Jay Z)" (Gant-Man Footwork Rework)
Happy New Year to me! I already can't stop listening to this Beyoncé album, and no matter how hard I try, I can't get "Drunk in Love" out of my head. Gant-Man posted this on his Soundcloud the other night, and it is the perfect footwork-style remix: simple, doesn't sound chopped-up and crazy, and dancefloor-friendly at 160 bpm…that is if you can juke it of course. Surfboard!! (Jubilee)


2. Rizzla + Blk.Adonis - "Trina Isn't Here For It"

And to keep my diva remix playlist going, Fade to Mind's Rizzla came through on New Years day as well. Him and collaborator Blk.Adonis posted a song called "Trina Isn't Here For It" and it is just as cunty as ever. Shout out to the dude in the comments asking "who is singing please." (Jubilee)

3. My Nu Leng, Taiki and Nulight - "No 2"

2013 was dominated by Black Butter, the label that injected the required bass and attitude into the light-loafered UK garage revival. Dropped right before Xmas, Spread Love Vol. 3 goes beast mode with 23 tracks of bumping house musique from a bunch of names I (mostly) have never heard of, plus this track by my favorite Bristolian bad bwoys My Nu Leng. Bashy! (Vivian Host)

4. Acre - Cycles EP

I'm saving this one to put on when it's dark and cold outside and I'm in the depths of a cocaine hangover so profound I can only respond to texts with the Easter Island head emoji. A refracted garage shuffle paired with mysterious, wistful emotions tuned to the level of Polygon Window's Surfing on Sine Waves. Google it. (Vivian Host)

5. Nicki Minaj Ft PTAF - "Boss Ass Bitch" (UNIIQU3 Remix)

Dear Uniique, why aren't we best friends? She just gets me, you know? (Max Pearl)

6. DJ Pone - "Erratic Impulses"

So I was riding my 2013 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R through an underground shopping mall in the Parisian metro system, right? And I was poppin' wheelies on escalators while these dudes in bespoke suits and skinny ties were chasing me down with katanas trying to steal these documents that were handcuffed to my wrist in a metal briefcase… and then I woke up with a mega boner. Anyways, this was playing in the background. (Max Pearl)


7. L-Vis 1990 Presents Dance System - Dance System EP

Turns out L-Vis 1990 can go ripshit on a 909 to rival any of Chicago's finest house heads. I'll take my grooves extra crunchy with an extra helping of acid, thank you very much. (Max Pearl)

8. Ryan Hemsworth - "Ribs" (Let's Have A Sleepover Version)

My ears have been ringing since 12:01 of the new year. Anything too loud or aggressive will make me quickly melt into a gelatinous puddle of goo. Luckily Hemsworth gave away a remix package filled with lots of medicine music. Mmmm. (David Garber)

9. Star Slinger - "IV/IV"

Beat maestro Star Slinger can chop stuff up better than the love child of Bobby Flay, The Karate Kid and Hannibal Lector. His four party "diva remix" series has been a real treat and the final offering turns down some Etta Fitz and will have you running circles around your own brain piece. (David Garber)

10. Soap and Foam - Grand Theft Auto EP

Soap and Foam are from New Jersey, but their narco-synthetic productions, with their reedy synths and clanging drums, have the glossily surreal feel of music that lives in chat forums and online raves. Put this one on when you're climbing through the thicket of your Tumblr dashboard. (Michelle Lhooq)

11. MoonDoctoR - "Bring it Back 2013"
Now that DJ Rashad's phenomenal Double Cup album has paved the way for Chicago footwork to enter the international stage, I'm excited for other TEKLIFE crew members like MoonDoctoR to leap up next to him. This track is just one stand-out on the Doctor's Nodical release, which he's giving away for free because, uh, his hardrive crashed? (Michelle Lhooq)