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The Editors' New Groove Vol. XXIII

VERY IMPORTANT NEWS: this new music is dope.

The Editors' New Groove is a weekly pow-wow on the freshest new releases from THUMP's editors and regular contributors' radars.

Solomun - "Samson"
Solomun and I are pretty much best buds. We go record shopping, hang at Coachilla, and even participate in amateur billiards tournaments. While you try to figure out what parts of that previous sentence are actually true you should listen to this new mythical odyssey from the dude himself. (David Garber)


Gantz - "The Supreme A"
Gantz is the Turkish Mala. He's making some of the most sophisticated bass music on the planet right now. Everybody else can stop making music now. (Max Pearl)

DJ Rell - "O.G. Bobby Johnson (DJ Rell x Mike Gip #220 Remix)"
Jersey Club DJ Rell took a break from following and unfollowing people on Twitter to make this remix of "O.G. Bobby Johnson" with Mike Gip. I love this song, I love this remix—put it on and watch the club look like a wild animal park. Boop. (Vivian Host)

Bodyjack - "Bodytrax 1"
If I hear this at Homopatik or Panorama Bar this weekend, I will literally start j-setting—or at least doing this. (Elissa Stolman)

Neana on the Trak - "Agnes (ni Yana In Ljubljana)"
If music could be my boyfriend I would choose this song because it's comforting, surprising, funky-fresh and fun to dance with. (Lauren Schwartzberg)

Happa - "Hallucinations"
Ugh, I apologize for forcing you to put up with James Blake's radio banter, but trust—it's worth it. My favorite teenager Happa delivers crunchy industrial techno with punky angst in spades. Very scary, very good. (Michelle Lhooq)

Alex Metric & Oliver - "Galaxy"
How have they not remade Saturday Night Fever by now? If they ever do, this song should probably be in there. Paramount Pictures get at me. (David Garber)

KiNK - "Sintezator"

How many different kinds of noise generators can you hear in this? White noise, pink noise, grey noise, houndstooth, mauve, mirror, glass… OK I think somebody dosed my coffee. (Max Pearl)


Morgan Buckley - "Heavy Traffic"

A commenter said this one sounds like a "tropical party on the moon." I could also see it being the soundtrack to a day's work at a factory full of neopets. (Elissa Stolman)

Snakehips - "Forever"

Somewhere, Pete Rock is smiling. Also, Max I dosed your coffee :) (David Garber)

Bok Bok ft Kelela - Melba's Call
I'm feeling Night Slugs this week. One month old and I still can't get this out of my head *clap clap* (Lauren Schwartzberg)

Shaygray & Borgore - "Illuminati"
This song has made me shit and come at the same time. Or maybe it was the molly. (Michelle Lhooq)


Alix Perez - "U"

Alix Perez takes a spin on dBridge's might Exit label, dicing techstep drum & bass into pieces to create a surgically-clean slice of mighty future ragga. Sharper than a dagger to your eye. (Vivian Host)