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How to Quit Cake: Steve Aoki Walks Us Through the Dim Mak Bootcamp Regimen in Miami

This time next year, Aoki's "cakings" might have been replaced by "juicings"

After cutting back on his cake diet, Steve Aoki is looking swoll as he mobs Miami with AutoErotique, Ookay, Dirtyphonics, and The Bloody Beetroots' SBCR of the Dim Mak crew. THUMP's Zel McCarthy sat down with them all as Steve worked us through the Aoki bootcamp regimen, Dim Mak's official tour workout routine. In Aoki's words: "We turn up at night, but you can't just be a zombie during the day."

In between all the bouts of push-ups and crunches, the Dim Mak squad still managed to throw "some of the best parties in Miami right now," according to AutoErotique. This time next year, Aoki's cakings may be totally phased out and replaced by "juicings." You heard it here first.