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South African Toddler DJ Arch Jr is Set to Play His Biggest Show Yet Alongside David Morales and Todd Terry

He's playing a back to the old skool set, despite still not having started actual school.
February 11, 2016, 2:57pm
Image via Youtube.

He's back! Did you miss him? It's DJ Arch Jr! South Africa's favorite toddler selector. Having won South Africa's Got Talent back in November we expected the future to be bright for the mini-mixer, but we couldn't have predicted things to have taken off this fast. As reported by Pulse Arch Jr has been announced as part of the lineup for Back to the Old Skool, a festival in Johannesburg set to celebrate the rich history of house music. What's more he's going to be playing alongside the likes of Todd Terry, Roger Sanchez, Black Coffee and David Morales.


This does of course raise a couple of questions, chiefly is it really possible to play a "Back to the Old Skool" event having not been to actual school? Then there's the thorny issue of where on the bill he is placed. Obviously he is the sickest, most famous DJ on there, but if he's put on much after 7pm then there is a very real danger he might fall asleep on decks, or get aggy and demand an ice cream.

Whatever happens, the really great news is that we are going to get lots more opportunities to see the natural performer slaying it in front of a huge crowd once again. Just look at this video below of Arch Jr rocking it at DJ Nation. I don't think I've ever seen a crowd move that much before!

h/t Pulse.