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Watch This New Clip of EDEN and RSVP to the Film Screening (and Afterparty) in Los Angeles

Be among the first to witness the long-awaited french house film in its entirety.

After much anticipation, the French house music-themed feature film, EDEN, is nearly ready for stateside release. The film offers a unique look at the 90s Parisian era of French Touch, the movement that birthed such electronic influencers as Cassius, Air, and in some ways, Daft Punk. Told through the lens of a young DJ (based on the director's brother) we see the evolution of dance music from grimy underground parties to… well… grimy underground parties. There's also a parallel storyline that traces the early lineage of music's most famous robots. Expect a dazzling joyride through the late 20th and early 21st Century's lifestyle of sex, drugs, and swirling basslines.


Tomorrow, June 1, in Los Angeles, you can screen the film in its entirety and go to a banging after party. If you don't live near LA, or are just impatient, you can check out an exclusive clip of EDEN above.

The film also features New York hotspots like Le Bain and MoMA's summer party venue PS1, "One More Time," lots of talk about Frankie Knuckles, and some cigarette consumption (because France). EDEN offers insight into the formative years of dance music's most important duo and the sound that took the industry by storm.

RSVP here for a chance to attend the screening and afterparty in Los Angeles on June 2.