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We Got Jesse Rose to Break Down His Fabriclive Mix Track by Track

Every cut that is on there, and exactly why it deserves to be.
Photo via Jesse Rose.

Just last Friday Jesse Rose's edition of the world-beating FABRICLIVE series hit the shelves. It's a mix we haven't been able to leave alone. Not only is it packed to the gills with club ready jams, but the variation in selection speaks volumes of the DJ and producer's illustrious, far-reaching career. He's a producer who's worked with the likes of Henrik Schwarz and Hot Chip, a remixer for Armand Van Helden and Underworld, and a previous Panorama Bar resident of six years. Put simply, this mix was long overdue.


Being such big fans of the mix, we wanted to get the inside scoop on some of the decision making, so we asked Jesse to tell us a little bit about what went into finished product. Generously he came through with a track by track break down of the entire thing, detailing every cut that is on there, and exactly why it deserves to be.

01. Jesse Rose feat. Ed Weathers - Love The Feeling High (Acapella)
I was working in the studio with Ed in Los Angeles some years ago, producing a hip-hop production for him, and I asked him if he'd ever been out to a warehouse party (I was going to one that night). As he started talking I pressed record and the result is what you hear. A hip-hop kid from Atlanta mesmerised by this new-found scene.

02. Henrik Schwarz - Leave My Head Alone Brain (Mix 5)
I remember hearing Henrik's first tune and getting really excited. Over ten years later I still get the same feeling. The only difference is that now I call him a good friend, and half of our production/live act Black Rose. The original of this is amazing and this remix by Luke Solomon did exactly what it needed to make it perfect for the dance floor.

03. Sqim - White Flakes
Berlin producer and best mate of one Oliver Dollar, Sqim has been bubbling for the last few years. Every time he sends a demo it goes straight into my set and 99% of the time gets signed to my label Play It Down. He's deffo one to watch!


04. Johnny D - Believer
Johnny D has been making amazing house records for years but this track really stood out for me. Standing at almost 14 minutes long, it's one of those records someone like Doc Martin would play and you'd be like, "what the hell is that?!" The perfect groove. It is also constantly slightly going out of time, so keeps you on your toes when you're in the mix.

05. Eric de Man - For Sunking (Melon's Sex Strip Mix)
Eric De Man is one of my favourite Dutch DJs, kinda like the Sneak of Amsterdam. Melon on the remix just takes this track and busts it into an infectious groove that has been working at any point in my sets.

Lil' Mark - At That Place (Lilmukkappella)
I've been playing this for years. Just a proper sleazy vocal made for playing in dark clubs late at night.

06. Urban Soul - Alright (Gerd Deep Remix)
A perfect remix for this already classic song. Its sound is late night and chuggy in the perfect way. Gerd can do no wrong in the last few years, and as a guy that has been resident at some Germany's best clubs such as Robert Johnson, his time in the spotlight is well deserved.

07. Ian Pooley - Don't You Be Afraid (2015 Edit)
I've been playing Ian Pooley records since I was a kid (literally picked up a 12" of his when I was about 15 years old). He is a German house legend and if you don't know about him you can hear everything he's about it right here.

08. Shit Robot feat. Reggie Watts - Where It's At (Johnny Aux Remix)
This is just funky as hell. I love Reggie Watts - if you haven't seen his live stand-up comedy go check him out. Here with Shit Robot providing the beats, it sounds to me like he's just having a jam and they pressed record (I'm sure the set up was completely different but it's the way I like to picture it). The result is an absolute bomb for my sets.


09. Kask - The Right Way
I can't say I know too much about Kask, but I do know that this track reminded me of being super young and going to the club Plastic People when it was on London's Oxford Street every Friday, and hearing proper deep house played by the likes of Harri, Dominic, Kenny Hawkes, Rob Mello and the tip top of UK deep house. It was a magical time that gave me the foundation of what I do today.

10. Induceve - Papillion
Induceve is me and Dave Taylor (aka Solid Groove aka Switch). When we made this track, we were properly grinding to make it, sharing a plate of food in our local take out. We would spend literally days in a room that was in fact a storage cupboard for Slip 'N' Slide Records, about 5 metres by 5 metres. Those were great days and for us to be releasing on Classic was like the biggest thing in the world, as far as we were consider we'd made it.

11. Mathias Kaden - Rawtone (Midnight Snacks Remix)
Going from one of my earliest collaborations (as Induceve) into this remix for German mega-producer Mathias Kaden by Midnight Snacks, which is Junior Sanchez & me. This was the first thing we produced together and I feel like it properly represents the music we love, a mix of tripped out late night melodies and Mood II Swing-style beats.

12. Jesse Rose - Touch 'N' Tease (Dub)
I love doing dubs, just getting a groove and reducing everything. The original version of this track was released on my newest imprint A-SIDED, but the remix is unreleased, and was kept for FABRICLIVE 85 as an exclusive.


13. Sean Miller - Malabar
I love a percussive work out and as a CD is limited to 75 minutes, this was the only one I could fit on.

3rd Face - Canto Della Liberta (Acapella)
I've been playing this for a very, very, very long time. Who doesn't love a group of kids shouting?

14. Christian Nielsen - Another Day
My tip for the 'Next Up' sections of magazines has to go to Christian. I don't know anyone with better kick drums knocking about. Literally everything he sends me ends up in my sets for months. He's also just a properly good dude from sunny Copenhagen.

15. Brillstein - How About No
When anyone I know talks about going to Los Angeles and having a massive one, Brillstein's name always seems to pop up. We call him the mayor, as he's been involved in the development of electronic music in the city since day one. He released his debut mini album 'Back to Bed' last year on Play It Down. This track is pure Brillstein, just great grooves and a unmistakable jack.

16. Claude VonStroke & Jesse Rose - Bare Mountain
I've known Barclay (Claude VonStroke) for over ten years and have done numerous dirtybird parties and remixes for him through the years, but is the first time we'd gotten together to make music, and it came together so easily it was mental. Literally one afternoon with a couple of touch-ups after that but, hey, when the vibe is there, it normally rolls pretty quick.

17. Gene Farris - The Way U Like
A classic Chicago producer, I've been playing Gene's tracks for years, and in the last twelve months he's killed it even more with a constant batch of club-friendly house bangers. This one is my pick though, 'cause of its cheeky nod to 'Sandwiches' and ridiculous bassline.


18. Kyodai - Sin City
This is a track I save for a special moment in my sets, when I've been playing in the groove for quite a while and need to play a proper tune. Kyodai have been making some incredible tracks and this, as with the rest, went straight into my sets and hasn't come out since.

19. Jesse Rose feat. Seven Davis Jr. - It's Not Over (Synthapella)
I heard the track 'Friends' from Seven and went straight out to get in contact with him. Turns out he was living in LA at the time and the next day he came over. I played him some tracks and he took a bunch. About two months later this vocal arrived and my mind was blown. It's an exclusive to the compilation and I'm really proud to have it on there.

20. Steve Silk Hurley feat. Sharon Pass - The Word Is Love
I felt like it was important to finish the mix with a classic, in the same way you would finish a night off. I've been playing this since it came out, just a proper vocal house jam from the Windy City.

FABRICLIVE 85 is out now. You can order it here.

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