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Trump's Doctor Says He Takes a Hair-Growth Drug to Maintain His Golden Helmet

The mystery of his bizarre honeycomb of hair becomes a little clearer, thanks to Dr. Harold Bornstein.
February 2, 2017, 6:17pm
Photo by Rex Features via AP Images

Before he was elected into the Oval Office and able to ban immigrants and refugees from the US with the stroke of a pen, there was a lot of hullaballoo over just exactly how Donald Trump maintains his bizarre, fake-looking honeycomb of hair. Now, thankfully, there's some new evidence in the quest to discover the secret behind it: Donald Trump allegedly takes finasteride, a hair-growth drug that goes by the brand name Propecia.


Dr. Harold Bornstein, who has been Trump's doctor since 1980, shared this revelation Wednesday in an interview with the president's second-least-favorite news source, the New York Times. Bornstein also said that Trump takes a statin drug to combat high cholesterol and antibiotics to control rosacea, a common skin ailment. Bornstein, who has his own striking mane of hair, said that he takes the drug as well. "He has all his hair," Dr. Bornstein told the Times. "I have all my hair."

For sufferers of male pattern baldness, finasteride stops further hair loss and can also regrow about 30 percent of lost hair, as long as the patient keeps taking the drug. The drug is also prescribed under the name Proscar to combat an enlarged prostate, which could explain the low levels of prostate specific antigen (PSA) in Trump's system, which Bornstein shared last year. That bit of information led many physicians to posit that Trump had been treated for an enlarged prostate or prostate cancer, when really, it may just have been a side effect from long-term use of finasteride for hair growth.

Trump has had his signature hairstyle for decades, though it has thinned significantly over the years. It's not clear how long Trump, who at 70-years-old is our oldest president, will be able to keep his mane intact, seeing as Obama grayed considerably over his eight years as Commander-in-Chief.

In May of last year,  Gawker offered (mostly circumstantial, but compelling) evidence that Trump's hair might be the result of a $60,000 weave. His former hairstylist on The Apprentice disputed that theory, telling the Mirror in November that, while poorly maintained and thick with hairspray, Trump's hair is all his own. Now, thanks to his doctor, we know for sure that the truth is a little bit more mundane.