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Watch These Adorable Remote Controlled Cars Drift on a Toy Track

Zoom, zoom.
February 27, 2015, 7:25pm

​Since the next Fast and the Furious doesn't come out for a few months, this will have to do the trick.

This video of a group of remote-controlled race cars driving in tandem across a toy racetrack is a sight to see. Kuma Films, a Taiwanese production firm, filmed these guys racing their cars on a toy track in Japan. Requiring some impressive concentration, the four cars take the corners smoothly without crashing into each other and performed some sweet tricks.

Although it looks like they're playing around, the behi​nd-the-scenes video proves they aren't. It took a lot of practice and precision to pull this off. They also incorporated a drone to capture those cool overhead shots.

Who says toys aren't for adults?