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These Cities Have the Most 'High-Income' Bachelors has released a study about which cities have the most sugar daddies (sorry, we mean eligible millionaires).
Where the Most Rich Bachelors Live, According to Seeking
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Calling all the single ladies: A new survey just dropped about where the most eligible bachelors in the US live—and according to “multiple sources tracking the movements of the world’s elite… a pattern of high-net-worth individuals [are] migrating to alternative locations for their permanent residence that offer competitive tax rates, strong economies, and offshore opportunities. So while New York and Los Angeles will likely always be great centers of wealth, the dating pool is [becoming] more elite in cities like Miami, Austin, Nashville, and Las Vegas.” [Immediately buys a one-way ticket to Tennessee?] According to the survey—Seattle, San Diego, and Phoenix have also crept up the list at numbers 15, 16, and nine, respectively.


But when we dug deeper into this survey, we found that it was performed not by the US Census or TIME, but by a mysterious website called Which we soon realized makes a big difference—and here's why.

So what exactly is, and where did it come from? The site’s motto is: “We don’t swipe, we don’t settle, and we date up.” OK Seeking, go off. “In other words, we are a luxury site composed of like-minded Attractives (female members) and Successfuls (male members) who want to elevate their dating lives.” If you’re thinking, that sounds an awful like Seeking Arrangements, you’d be right. The notorious sugar daddy-sugar baby connector appears to have rebranded as the subtler Seeking, but with all of the opportunities to live out your dream of summering on a yacht in the Mediterranean, or being a “kept” husband or wife are still there. 

Seeking founder, Brandon Wade believes that “love is a concept invented by poor people,” according to a 2014 CNN op-ed. After years of unlucky dating experiences, Wade realized that he wasn’t winning over suitors by looks alone, and his lack of confidence in the real world was preventing him from finding a meaningful connection, so he wanted to “broadcast my generosity to a potential audience of women that would normally be inaccessible to me.” Thus, Seeking was born, and the rest is history. 


While Seeking has evolved since its debut in 2006, the idea of “helping singles find honest relationships based on open communication” (one way of putting it) still rings true. Let’s be honest, on typical dating apps, most people are not out there projecting their flaws to the world. Sure, you might be telling the truth, but it can be hard to gauge whether your potential mates and matches are. Many of us have gone on some version of a date expecting six-foot-tall, lush-head-of-hair Brian and come face-to-top-of-head with five-foot-tall, slightly balding Brian (who might be an awesome dude, too—just not the same one we expected). This is to say nothing of men and women that lie about things outside of their physical appearance: their wants, needs, availability, income, and employment status. On Seeking, instead of presenting a fictionalized version of yourself (one who isn’t shallow), users are encouraged to be up front about what they want and what they have to offer (including, and, in some cases, especially, cold hard cash). 

So whether you’re a regulation hottie with a ton of bills to pay and a lot of love to give, or a big money baller with plenty of “assets” to shower upon your beloved, Seeking may be offering info about the most eligible bachelors, but ultimately, what it would really like is for you to lay all your cards on the table, and find the perfect mate who’s more than happy to date you just for your looks or your money. 

Do you have a hot body? Do you want to make beautiful duets?, baby! RIP to our queen Anna Nicole Smith, the OG unapologetic sugar baby and the most iconic 90s figure to make young girls (and guys) everywhere think, “should I be using my talents to attract a hot, eligible (exorbitantly wealthy) partner?” If the answer, for you, is “yes,” well, Seeking thinks so, too. And if you’re looking for those qualities IRL, well… now you know where to find all those bachelors. 

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