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​Flume's New Video Proves He is Slender Man

"Some Minds" shows Harley Streten to be the internet's most stretchy supervillain.
May 28, 2015, 5:21pm

In 2009, long before this whole URL culture blew up, the internet was aflutter with stories of Slender Man, a mythical supervillain dreamt up on the busy and influential Something Awful forums. Known for his malleable, elongated frame and bad intentions, the villain has popped up IRL on a number of occasions as the inspiration for a number of unfortunate crimes.

Rumors as to the true identity of Slender Man have been around for years, but Aussie future-bass progenitor Flume's new video suggests that he's owning up to the fact that he is, in fact, Slender Man himself.

For the majority of the video for "Some Minds," featuring Andrew Wyatt, Flume AKA Harley Streten levitates around the backstage of the Sydney Opera House (suspicious enough within itself). At around the three minute mark, Flume hits the empty auditorium and gets ominously stretchy as he does ballet. These are not the actions of a regular human being, but we knew something was awry when the Aussie named himself after an aqueduct.

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