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This Jet-Powered Go-Kart Is Basically Mario Kart IRL

Go from zero to explosive with the perma-stoked Colin Furze's flamethrowing Jet-Kart.
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Viral video connoisseur Colin Furze’s long anticipated Jet-Kart roars to life in his delightfully search engine-optimized video, “Jet-kart – The most MENTAL kart EVER.” Furze’s vehicular portmanteau, which he publicly engineered throughout his periodic Making Of videos, looks like a hybrid of Doc's DeLorean and a dismantled Mario Kart, with a rattling pulsejet engine and hodgepodge fuel system that spits a fiery tail behind the inventor as he speeds—at 60mph, per last measurement—down the raceway. "It’s finished and it’s brilliant," Furze comments in the video's description, "it’s stable, it starts easy and the fuel system after a slight redesign works perfectly."


If all this wasn't already reason enough to go full-throttle with Furze's MENTAL invention (below), the inventor's perma-stoked facial expressions and fist-pumps are sure to make even the least car-savvy viewer crack an appreciative grin.

For more of Furze's inventions, check out his YouTube page here.


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