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Former EPL Player Marcus Bent Sentenced for Attacking Police With a Meat Cleaver While On Cocaine

On top of it, police allegedly tasered him.
February 12, 2016, 7:51pm

BREAKING: Marcus Bent given 12-month suspended sentence for attacking police with a meat cleaver while under the influence cocaine. #SSNHQ
— Sky Sports News HQ (@SkySportsNewsHQ) February 12, 2016

Former Premier League striker Marcus Bent was given a 12 month suspended sentence after attacking two police officers with a meat cleaver while high on cocaine, according to The Guardian.

Prosecutor Lee Harris said Bent was "wild with rage" when officers found him in his apartment. Bent called the police on September 13 to tell them that there were intruders in his house. The only thing police claim to have found in his apartment, however, was a small amount of cocaine.

The 37-year-old former Ipswitch, Carlton, and Everton striker had previously pled guilty for possession of cocaine, stemming from the same incident, when the court decided not to charge Bent with possession of bladed articles—the cleaver and a kitchen knife.

Bent also alleged that the police tasered him.