This Is What Facebook's Drone Looks Like
Image: ​Mark Zuckerberg/Facebook


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This Is What Facebook's Drone Looks Like

The drone will stay aloft for "months at a time," the company said.

More details have been revealed about Facebook's ambitious plan to hook up the entire world with the internet.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted​ a picture on Facebook of its drone that will hover in high in the sky above remote areas and beam down the internet. The drone has had its first successful test flight in the United Kingdom, he said.

"The final design will have a wingspan greater than a Boeing 737 but will weigh less than a car," he wrote on his Facebook ac​count. "It will be powered by solar panels on its wings and it will be able to stay at altitudes of more than 60,000 feet for months at a time."

The New York Ti​mes reports the codename for the flying robot is Aquila, an eagle from classical mythology that carried Jupiter's thunderbolts. It's being dubbed as the "centerpiece" for the project, which plans to connect as many as five billion people to the internet.

"Aircraft like these will help connect the whole world because they can affordably serve the 10% of the world's population that live in remote communities without existing internet infrastructure," wrote Zuckerberg.

It's unclear how much the final version of the drone will cost or when the first official one will be launched, but the sky (and a big budget) is the limit.