A Look at the Heroic Fast Food Heroes Who Got Blazed at Work

Is fast food just one big bastion of stoner happiness, not only for its customers but also for its employees?
January 5, 2016, 8:00pm
Photo via Flickr user kymberlyanne

Is fast food just one big bastion of stoner happiness, not only for its customers but also for its employees? The evidence keeps rolling in, so much so that we can now firmly answer that question in the affirmative. Yes, the entire fast food world—perhaps especially those indulging in, serving, and delivering fast-food pizza—is 100-percent baked.

Recently we told you about a gentleman named Jonah Tacoma who posted a video of what we thought at the time was an unusual method of paying for fast food. As Jonah makes his way through the drive-thru at his local Frugals, a fast-food burger joint, he pays by offering bong rips to the workers. In fact, he is offering them dabs, the highly concentrated form of hash oil or cannabis extract, and he titled the video "Drive Through Dabbing." Happily, the workers manning the drive-thru accept the dabs from Jonah, evidently in lieu of payment. Frugals was none too pleased to learn of this turn of events.

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This article got us thinking. Were other fast food workers being paid in pot? A quick YouTube search revealed a Domino's pizza delivery man eagerly accepting a hit instead of cold hard cash as a tip. Yes, it seems that pizza delivery dudes—some of the hardest working, least respected, most thoroughly dissed workers—are also getting in on the action.

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Who can blame them? We all know that the delicate combination of sweet sauce, salty cheese, oozing oil, and the carb-heavy crust seems to satisfy a particular need when one indulges in the green. Burgers and tacos may hit a few notes, but 'za truly satisfies the full range of cravings that weed so cunningly evokes.

And now there's this. BroBible has uncovered a New Year's Eve LiveLeak video of Pizza Hut employees in Cypress, California getting high in the kitchen while on duty. Those lucky stoners don't have to look far for some pizza to satisfy their inevitable impending munchies.

MUNCHIES reached out to Pizza Hut and received the following response from a company spokesperson: "There is no tolerance for this kind of activity at any of our restaurants. The local franchise owner took swift action and the employees involved will no longer work for Pizza Hut."

So yes, it seems that the customer base, delivery personnel, cooks, and servers of the fast food establishments of America are largely stoned.

All we can say is this: it's a benefit of the trade. Just as the best part of being a bartender is the free booze and the best part of being a TSA worker is the left-behind portable DVD players, free weed may be the best part of working a thankless job in the fast food industry.

And why shouldn't it be? The gatekeepers of pizzadom work damn hard and deserve some sweet release once in a while.