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Founder to Founder

Toronto chefs Cory Vitiello and Anthony Rose reminisce about their humble beginnings over a few glasses of whisky, then fire up the grill and prepare a feast.
October 1, 2015, 9:00am

When Toronto chef Cory Vitiello finally got invited to friend and fellow chef Anthony Rose's cottage, they wasted no time collaborating on a lakeside meal.

Over a few glasses of whisky and an open fire, they reminisced about their humble beginnings at the Drake Hotel and how far they've come since. Anthony currently has five hugely successful restaurants under his belt, including Fat Pasha and Rose and Sons, while Cory is best known for his Toronto hot spots The Harbord Room and Flock.

Joined by close friends, they fired up the grill and prepared copious amounts of barbecue chicken, Miami ribs, and roasted root vegetables—all doused in some of Scotland's finest.