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Chef's Night Out: La Leche

Chef Alfonso Cadena lives the dream by working at his restaurant La Leche, drinking at the bar upstairs, playing with his band, and then enjoying a next-level parking lot burrito.
November 5, 2015, 3:00pm

Chef Alfonso Cadena is basically a genius. On a normal day, he works at his amazing restaurant, La Leche, in Puerto Vallarta—one of Mexico's most beautiful beach cities—and when he's done with work, he goes up to the second-floor bar and has some drinks with his friends. When he's totally wasted, he hops on a small stage on one side of the restaurant and plays music with his band for some of his diehard foodies, and finally, when he's tired, he goes out to the parking lot, has a burrito from one of his food trucks, and calls it a night.

We wanted to try some of that Mexican beach lifestyle with him for this week's Chef's Night Out and all we can say is: genius. Fucking genius.