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Leicestershire Police Are Not Investigating Attempted Burglaries in Houses with Odd-Numbered Doors

It's part of a money-saving scheme that, according to police, everyone is totally cool with.

If you live in that one on the left and you get robbed, you're fucked. Photo by Robin Stott via

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In a bizarre money-saving scheme by Leicestershire Police, attempted burglaries in houses with odd-numbered doors have not been fully investigated for a number of months, the BBC has learned.

The money-saving scheme reportedly took place for three months throughout the East Midlands. Jo Ashworth, director of forensic sciences at the East Midlands Special Operations Unit, said: "The pilot was developed to look at what value forensic teams bring to the detection of attempt burglaries. At a time when we are operating within reduced budgets, it is even more critical that we make the absolute best use of our crime scene investigators' time."

Results are still being evaluated, but local police say the lack of investigations had no adverse effect on public satisfaction or crime rates.

However, the scheme—as you can imagine—was none too popular with some locals, especially the neighborhood watches in the area. Melton Mowbray Neighborhood Watchman Eric Tindall said, "If you live on one side of the street you're going to get the 100 percent support and services from our police force, and on the other side you're going to get what's left over."

Also pissed off was Police and Crime Commissioner Sir Clive Loader, who, apparently, was not aware the trial was even taking place.