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Watch This 1999 Video of Aphex Twin Talking About Creativity and Suburban Boredom

BBC host John Peel headed to Aphex Twin's hometown where they talked about his first job working in a mine.
November 12, 2015, 8:30pm

Aphex Twin completists—stop what you're doing! Fantastic archival interview footage has been brought to our attention. Disclaimer: truly obsessive Aphex Twin fans may have seen this one, as it's been lurking in the YouTube depths for a few years now. But the clip started circulating again this week thanks to the folks over at NTS Radio, who dug it up and posted it to their Facebook page.

It offers a great peek into the personal life of Aphex Twin—real name Richard D. James—as well as his good friend and frequent collaborator Luke Vibert. The 1999 video sees legendary BBC host John Peel heading to James' dreary hometwn of Cornwall. They discuss how creativity can spring from suburban malaise, and James shares what it's like to work in a mine. Dig in and feel the alienation!