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Kenneth Bager's Balearic Sunset Sessions Guest Mix is Music for Dreamers

The Danish DJ has come through with a sensational sunset session.

What do we think about when we think about balearic? We think about palm trees and cocktails, DJ Harvey and Jose Padilla, open air clubs and lazy afternoons at Cafe Del Mar, lilting congas and Latin plucks. We think about "City Lights" and "Survivor", "E2-E4" and "I Just Can't Wait". We think of, well, the Balearic islands. We don't often think about Denmark.

Well, we don't until we remember Kenneth Bager and his glorious Music for Dreams label. Bager's been DJing since the mid-80s, which means his career has run parallel to other iconic balearic selectors like Ricardo and Alfredo. In 1994 he released his first Music for Dreams compilation, with the titular label following around the turn of the century, rapidly becoming one of the scene's most important, loved, and revered imprints. Anyone who's anyone in the world of balearic and chill-out's probably slunk a release out on the label at some point.


This month saw Bager release the third of his Music for Dreams compilations. It's already out on super deluxe vinyl, but for those of us out there whose 1210s are in a lock-up somewhere, the whole thing —30 tracks worth of high quality music for anyone out there who spends a good three hours a day dreaming about Ku in 1984— arrives digitally on thie 27th. Ahead of that, we asked Bager himself to answer a few questions and put together a mix for us. He duly obliged and gorgeously dream results are below.

Kenneth Bager's Sunset Sessions Guest Mix by Thump on Mixcloud

THUMP: Not to start off too obviously, but how important do you feel dreams are to helping us understand our daily life?
Kenneth Bager: I don't know if dreams help us understand our daily life, but I do have dreams and lots of them. It might sound predictable but I feel that lots of my personal dreams have come through and I hope that my label, the artists, our events and the launch of our forthcoming Music For Dreams radio station will be recognised. Apart from that, what I really dream of is bigger things, like that my family won't get serious illnesses, that scientists will find a cure for cancer. I dream of a better environment and that we one day will get rid of the use of disposable plastic.

Do we read too much significance into them?
Well now I am not sure if I understood your prior question correctly, but if I continue answering as I understood it; what my dreams in life are, then I don't think it is possible to read too much significance into big dreams, it is just to wish and hope for great things.


What's the ideal setting for maximum dream potential?
A better world, that has less focus on earnings and more focus on doing good things for people and the environment.

Someone told me that the latest Sunset Sessions comp is perfect with a doob or two…were they right?
This question is difficult for me to answer, since I never do drugs or alcohol, the comp works for me completely sober, but if it works better for people taking a spliff, well then let it be. Overall I think the compilation works for many different occasions like dinner, watching sunsets, driving, running and making love.

Can you fill us in on the current state of Balearic?
For sure the word is getting established —it is moving from underground to overground— and I see more and more events featuring "Balearic" DJs. To me the beauty of the "Balearic" music policy has always been "anything goes". DJs just need to apply creative imagination to their sets to create a "Balearic" mood.

What's the best sunset you've ever seen?
I have many great memories of beautiful sunsets; it is difficult to pick on specific since all sunsets have their own magic. There is however one sunrise that stands out; once on Ibiza, I was playing on a boat, we were about 50 people and we went sailing near "Es Vedra" a magical rock in the sea close to the white isle - I put on my own track "Would You Like to Seduce Me" and then the sun came up. Magical moment!

Kenneth's Music for Dreams: The Sunset Sessions drops on 27th of November via his own Music for Dreams label. Have a peek at the artwork and tracklisting right here:

1. Lust For Youth - Lungomare
2. The Swan And The Lake - Soft Brainfreeze
3. Eleventeen Eston - Indian blue
4. Jacob Gurevitsch - Mapa De Soledad ( Len Leise Remix)
5. Ruf Dug feat Nev Cotte e - Dominica
6. Danseorkestret - Alt Er Dit ( KBE EDIT)
7. A Vision Of Panorama - Patches of Light ( Jex Opolis)
8. Mathieu Boogaerts - Avant Que Je M'ennuie
9. Bongo Ent. - Foto Feita Avi A
10. Visti & Meyland - Hand In Hand
11. Troels Hammer - Mother Space
12. Per Walter & Danmarks Radios Underholdningsorkester - Theme From "Fiskerne"
13. Kobayashi Yamato - Okinawa Zanpamisaki Royal Hotel - Welcome Video
14. Daniel Savio, Reino Nordin, Dj Herkules - Wee Hours
15. Dj Pippi & Kenneth Bager - Never Stop Dreaming
16. Dalholt & Langkilde - Afrique
17. Jose Manuel feat. Babacar Dieng - Bilimbosa
18. Fred Ventura & Fred R. - A Life in Colors ( American Extended Mix)
19. Horsebeach - June
20. Dj Pippi & JL - Dangerous
21. Emil Germ - Tease & Burn ( Lucci Capri Remix)
22. Bell Towers - Love Chain Reaction ( PSB tribute)
23. Andreas Fox & Oscar - Looking Back
24. HSB - Welcome to The Beach
25. Bonnie & Klein - Magnolia
26. Mick Rocah - Meantime
27. Pepe California - MFMFD
28. Nick Mackrory & Harry Collier - Elled It (Colona Radio Edit)
29. Schulz, Hammer & Bager feat Rodrigo Sha - Some Di Someday
30. Gaussian Curve - Impossible Island

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