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The Down Under Smirnoff House is Brought to Life in "Born To Get Wild" Music Video

Ever throw a house party with Steve Aoki, Jack Beats and Uberjak'd? Smirnoff Sound Collective did.
February 7, 2015, 1:50am

Along with other scorching hot acts like Jack Beats, Uberjak'd, and Hayden James, beloved DJ figurehead, Steve Aoki, helped kick off the second of Smirnoff Sound Collective's house parties outside Stereosonic in Sydney late last year. While thousands of other Aussie ravers were contending with crowds and separated from their favorite DJs by security barricades, this party in the Sydney burbs was up close, personal and fantastically loud.


To add some icing to the cake (get it, Steve?) the experience was even captured by a film crew and brought to life in the form of an official music video for the Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike remix of "Born To Get Wild" from Aoki's 2014 album, Neon Future.

"Fan interaction is one of the most important elements in my live show and I've always wanted to find a way to do the same with my music videos," Aoki explained. "When Smirnoff approached me with the idea of making a music video where the fans were the stars, I knew I finally had a partner that could make my wish a reality."

Now, that's pretty wild.