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Amsterdam Is About to Get Europe's First All-Avocado Restaurant

If you thought the global fixation on avocado was going to relent at all in the new year, you were sadly mistaken.
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If you thought the global fixation on avocado was going to relent at all in the new year, you were sadly mistaken.

Avocado beer, the avocado black market, and avocado time machines are all a thing now, thanks to our insatiable appetite for the big, green, fatty fruit. And no one really seems to care about the forest-ravaging, cartel-fueling, price-gouging implications, least of all the owners of Europe's first "avocado bar."


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Next time you're in Amsterdam and want to indulge appetites other than narcotics and prostitution and instead binge exclusively on a fruit that is indigenous to another continent, then The Avocado Show is for you.

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Nestled in Amsterdam's hip, young De Pijp ("the pipe") district, Avocado Show will be serving only avocado-based dishes like avocado-bun burgers, avocado sandwiches, and, of course, the obligatory avocado toast. Slated to open in February, it will be the "Europe's first and finest avocado bar" and will serve "breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, late night dining, and delivery." That's a lot of avocados and a lot of social media.

There are already more than five million photos accompanied by the hasthag #avocado on Instagram (up from four million in June), meaning that even if you think this themed restaurant is lame or a novelty, it's clearly tapping into very real demand.

"I saw a rise in popularity of mono-dish restaurants; the typical burger joint, the surf and turf place, or the salad bar." Avocado Show owner Ron Simpson told MUNCHIES. "After that, I saw not mono, but main ingredient restaurants pop up, like a truffle diner in Brussels, and classics like The Garlic Queen."


Not surprisingly, Simpson also found some inspiration on social media. "Then, I looked at the internet and how people react to certain products like Nutella, Oreo, and peanut butter and figured I want to find a main mono ingredient that's adaptable to almost anything.

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"I found inspiration in my own diet: avocado. People, including myself, throw avo on just about any dish and are making extremely creative dishes with it. So we decided to open a valhalla for anyone who loves avocado."

But it also means that we are inching closer to the "Guacalypse" that we warned you about two years ago, like the crazy guy in the disaster film who ends up being right. Still, Simpson says that the "avo" isn't going anywhere.

"I don't think it's a phase, I think it's here to stay. Obviously some people and trendhoppers will jump on the next bandwagon, but the avo won't dissapear. It's yummy, it's healthy and it's so versatile that it will always be a part of our kitchen."

He also says he's doing what he can do avoid the looming Guacalypse.

"We are aware of the responsibilities we have and really spend a lot of time and effort to pursue our dream in the best way possible. We are talking to avocado farmers all over the world as well as to distributors and green business experts to seek the best way to do this.

Being the face or go-to place for avocados puts us in a position where we can inform and teach avocado lovers about all of these things."