This story is over 5 years old.

A Gold Coast Rapper Swam Into the Ocean to Dodge a $600 Seafood Bill

This is almost as good as the time Rich Homie Quan supposedly punched a bouncer and escaped on a speedboat.

Australia continues to be the most ludicrous place on planet Earth this week, with a story surfacing about a man on Queensland's Gold Coast eating $600 worth of seafood, and running out on the bill—literally swimming into the ocean.

33-year-old Terry Peck—whose stage name is, incredibly, 2Pec—allegedly ordered two lobsters, 17 vodka oyster shots, a baby octopus, and a few Coronas at Main Beach's Omeros Bros restaurant yesterday. After impressively consuming the lot, Peck then did a runner after finding out the sum of the bill.

Peck swam out to sea from shore, and when police couldn't convince him to come in, they boarded a lifeguard's jetski to retrieve and arrest him. 2Pec has been charged with stealing and two counts of serious assault of a police officer, but more importantly has been told to "never return" to the restaurant. To which he remarked that he didn't plan on it, as the lobster was "overcooked."


Peck is due in court again on May 4.