Food-Pranking April Fools' Day


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Food-Pranking April Fools' Day

In the Male Chef kitchen, our goofing-off reaches an entirely different level when April Fools' Day rolls around. We wanted to share some of our most classic mealtime gags, which will have you playing with your food in no time.

"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." —An ancient prankster motto

Who said that pranking has to only take place in your little sister's bedroom? In the Male Chef kitchen, my sous chefs and I always do our fair share of horsing around. Whether we're putting sugar in the salt shaker or smearing Vaseline on the handles of each other's sharpest knives, everyone is always down for a good laugh all 365 days of the year.


But when April Fools' Day rolls around, our goofing-off reaches an entirely different level. This time around, we wanted to share some of our most classic mealtime gags, which will have you playing with your food in no time.



All photos by Chris Maggio.

A good prankster is always the earliest to rise, and victims don't even need to be conscious for the fun to begin. A little creativity can deface the epidermis of any unsuspecting slumberer and, at the same time, make him the center of attention at any early-morning potluck!


Secretly preparing a brutal brew is a sure way to make sure your victim's day is up in smoke before he even heads to work! Forget creamer for flavoring and just substitute a little menthol!


Quick thinking and a community-college degree in automotive mechanics can work together to create a real "shocking" meal (if you know what I mean)!


Thinking of eating soup for that midday meal? Why not swap your buddy's usual liquid lunch for a heaping bowl of Goya's Mexican Jumping Bean Soup?


Screw fake vomit. On April Fool's Day, you gotta make 'em puke for real with some creative switcheroos!

Photo by Chris Maggio

And nothing stops the cravings of a sweet tooth more than making sure that your roommate can no longer open his jaw!


Your friend may be on the lookout for some real nasty stuff on April Fools', so make sure to beat him to the punch with a good hidden gag!


Plastic wrapping the toilet is "so 2013." Instead, stick a cranky crustacean in that bowl to really pinch up the competition. Keep that lobster in there overnight to make sure that he/she is extra riled up come morning.


Even though you're not putting it on the toilet, save that plastic wrap for the fridge! An impenetrable force field will result in spoiled food and raging tempers.


To save you time, some pranks come ready-made. Place one of these babies on your friend's chair during a crowded dinner to really make him see red!

male chef donut

Simple is always best. Apply this homemade sign to the back of anyone who "eats out" because he's "always on the go." Your friend will be laughed out of every Burger King in town and left clutching an empty stomach.


Of course, the reverse always applies. After a long day of food pranking, you're gonna wanna chow down. Pick up a favorite packaged gag from the store and throw it in the oven at 400 degrees Farenheit.

male chef april fools chicken

Happy pranking, and good luck not getting caught!!!

With help from Misha Spivack, Hunter Steinman, John Wilson, Elena Tarchi, Greg, Michele, and Stan.

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