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What Celebrities Taught Us About Food This Year

2015 was an absurd year for celebrities and food—even by our standards.
Illustration by Justin Hager.

Everybody has their own weird relationship with food—even celebrities.

We compiled our very best celebrity food stories that range from the interesting to the bizarre and heart-warming.

Kylie Jenner's birthday cake. Photo by JP Castonguay for AMJ Media.

First, take Kylie Jenner, for instance, who turned 18 this August. While that does not qualify her to drink in her native United States, she did have the foresight to book a birthday extravaganza in Quebec, and no birthday bash is complete without a cake. Days before the birthday spectacle, we spoke to cake artist Jessika Menard, whose dwindling bakery business was saved by the grace of Jenner (whose entourage ended up throwing pieces of her cake at fans).


Meanwhile, Kylie's half-sister, Kim Kardashian resorts to more tame ways of dealing with the pitfalls of fame. She gets her fortune read in tea leaves by British psychic Jayne Wallace, who Kim has called "the most exceptionally gifted clairvoyant I have ever met." We decided to look more closely at the mystery of tea-leaf-reading by sitting down for a reading with Wallace, we were not quite as impressed as Kimmie.


And as far a social media goes, over-the-top Instagram celebrity the Fat Jewish made a big splash at New York's biggest ramen event this year when every chef involved pulled out amid accusations of plagiarism and not giving credit to other comedians.

It's not just Instagram celebrities who get over-the-top when it comes to food. Back in April, we spoke to Floyd Mayweather's personal chef Chef Q about being paid $1,000 per plate by the flamboyant boxer in the lead-up to his epic battle against Manny Pacquiao.

But it's not all sadness and excess when it comes to famous food. Rapper HEEMS sat down with MUNCHIES Editor-in-Chief Helen Hollyman for our podcast series and discussed his activism at the heart of efforts to help New York cabbies and save the Punjabi Grocery & Deli.

And what celebrity food news compilation would be complete without some Paula Deen racism? This year, we also spoke to rapper Marv Mack, who penned a song called "Paula Deen" that frames the ambassadress of butter's, shall we say, antiquated views on race relations in America within the context of current events.

But we saved the best for last this year—a recent one-on-one interview on holiday etiquette with John Waters. The legendary filmmaker told us about his very special fondness for yuletide cheer and gloom.

Needless to say, it's been a weird year for celebrities and food—even by our standards—but who knows what 2016 has in store? Maybe Britney Spears will agree to explain the contents of her leaked grocery list.