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Man Files Lawsuit Because Papa John's Won't Stop Texting Him

Looks like Papa John’s Pizza has been using a topping that nobody asked for: text spam.
Photo via Flickr user James

Looks like Papa John's Pizza has been using a topping that nobody asked for: spam. And not the kind that comes in a can.

A man named Jonathan Anozie is now suing the pizza chain for harassing him with endless text messages for almost year, even though he says he never even bought anything from their restaurants, TMZ reports.

Beginning in March 2016, Anozie claims the company has been repeatedly stuffing his inbox with a deal that he just doesn't seem to want: 2 large pizzas with up to 5 toppings for $9.99 each. Despite attempting to stem the barrage of messages by texting back "STOP," nothing has worked so far.

Now he says he's suffering from some serious mental anguish on account of all those annoying messages.

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It's actually funny to note that Anozie isn't the only person to suffer from Papa John's-related harassment: Just months ago, a Florida couple was tormented by ceaseless calls to their home after Google mistakenly listed their number as part of the franchise.

So, Papa John, it's great that you know your way around a pizza oven, but, perhaps, hire somebody who knows how to use a computer. Come on, you probably have a nephew who can show you how to use Gmail.