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Interactive Video For Dishonored Is More Fun Than Your Average Video Game Trailer

Dishonored – Path to Revenge gives you a taste of the upcoming game while killing some time in the office too.
October 4, 2012, 3:21pm

Last week we posted a video by Psyop for the new video game Dishonored which acted as a prequel to the action in the game. With the game’s release date imminent (October 9th) the PR machine is in overdrive and Bethesda Softworks have released an interactive video trailer on YouTube.

In the trailer you get cast in the first person perspective of the game’s protagonist, a “supernatural assassin driven by revenge” (because what else are you going to be driven by?) and you get to play out one of the early missions. Like previous interactive videos, you are presented with a series of paths which you can choose from, like attack someone or sneak past them, observe a scene through the keyhole, or bust in there straight away—you even get to hold down some buttons to effect some Vulcan death grip-style damage, just like in a real video game.

It’s not a bad idea for promoting a title like this, because it whets everyone’s appetite while also providing something a bit more entertaining than just passively watching the action. Annoyingly though, you can still die and have to start again, so choose carefully.

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