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Here's Some Poop Emoji Soft-Serve So We Can All Eat Shit

Coprophagia has never been cuter.
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In the summer of 2008, Angela Guzman flew from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) to Cupertino, California, to start a three-month internship with Apple. She arrived on the sprawling campus just a year after the iPhone’s launch, and she was quickly given the not-at-all-overwhelming assignment of creating more than 400 emoji for Apple’s now-essential but then-unrealized emoji keyboard.

In an entertaining piece for Medium, Guzman wrote about working with icon designer Raymond Sepulveda as the two of them illustrated their way through the long list of “faces, places, flags, animals, food, clothing, symbols, holidays [and] sports.” But she also spilled some shared-office tea, noting that Sepulveda “reused his happy poop swirl” when it was time to make the ice cream cone. Yeah, he literally recolored and resized that shit, and passed it off as vanilla soft-serve. “Now that you know, bet you’ll never forget,” Guzman said. “No one else who discovered this little detail did either.”


But maybe Sepulveda’s upcycling is why this poop emoji ice cream almost—ALMOST—makes sense. According to Kotaku, a Tokyo sweet shop is about to introduce a limited-edition poop emoji ice cream, which will be served in a miniature toilet. (No, this isn’t the first time Japan has offered shit-shaped ice cream in tiny toilets, but it does seem to be the first time they’ve put facial features on it).

The emoji ice cream will be available at SweetXO Good Grief starting on January 15, and each neatly coiled serving will cost ¥650 ($6). And if licking anthropomorphized excrement is somehow not enough, each scoop can be customized with little accessories, including a heart, a pair of bunny ears, a crown, and a small flower. COPROPHAGIA HAS NEVER BEEN CUTER, YOU GUYS!

If a trip to Tokyo isn’t on your schedule this month, you can always do it yourself. YouTube baker and cookbook author Rosanna Pansino made poop emoji ice cream sandwiches during an episode of her “Nerdy Nummies” series. (She uses the phrase “push it out” at least once, which definitely makes this entire situation worse). And for anyone who’s into poop but not into brain freezes, Brookie’s Cookies NYC can ship poop emoji sugar cookies and poop emoji lollipops by the dozen.

Eat shit, or whatever!