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The GOP Really Wants You to Sign Eric Trump's Birthday Card

Tell the guy how you really feel!
Drew Schwartz
Brooklyn, US
January 5, 2018, 7:43pm
Image via the Republican National Committee/Twitter

It's Eric Trump's birthday on Saturday, a momentous occasion you probably would have forgotten about had the Republican National Committee not put out a sweet little reminder on its official Twitter account, asking everyone to send the private citizen some good vibes. He'll be 34!

The GOP included a link to Big E's very own birthday webpage, where you can "wish Eric Trump a very happy birthday by signing his OFFICIAL birthday card and adding your personal message"—along with requiring you to add your full name, email, and zip code. Trump doesn't have any sort of official role in the White House, or with the Republican Party, or in any sort of government arm at all, but it's a good chance to send the guy a personalized message, even if you inevitably get added to some MAGA email listserv.


If you're inclined to send Trump some good tidings, maybe you could thank him for exposing Ellen Degeneres as an agent of the deep state. He dragged her into some bizarre drama earlier this week after noticing Twitter's suggestions of "who to follow" paired the TV host with Barack Obama and Crooked Hillary—an obvious indication that she, too, was a major deep state player.

It's too bad there's no information on how to send a gift, considering his brother sure loved that cookie cake decorated with Obama's mug. We can only imagine that Eric, too, might get a kick out of one frosted with the face of one of his sworn enemies.

Unfortunately, all the GOP will give us is space for a few hundred characters to tell the president's son how we really feel. But if you find yourself with an outpouring of sentiments to share, and you'd rather not hand the GOP your email address, you can always find the birthday boy on Twitter—365 days a year.

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