James Poulos

  • If Men Need a 21st-Century Role Model, How About Jesus Christ?

    There's been a lot written about the "decline of men," the idea that economic and cultural factors are gradually turning more and more men into losers who have no positive, masculine, postpatriarchy role models to turn to. Except we already have a...

  • Clubbed by Growth

    Democrats tell people they’re doomed unless the government bails them out, while Republicans tell people they’re screwed unless the government does absolutely nothing. How about this: nobody is screwed or doomed, and we need to stop obsessing over the...

  • How Fronting a Band Made Me a Better Political Pundit

    Did I start a band to escape the pain of being a Republican who defends his views regularly on the internet and TV? Maybe. But I learned that being in a band made me a better pundit, and not just because putting on eyeliner and a black-sequin jacket...

  • What Are Republicans For?

    A right-wing pundit who nearly became "the bro version of Ann Coulter" before stopping himself has some advice for Republicans: Stop looking for your party's soul because it isn't there.

  • We Need More Crazies on the Fiscal Cliff

    Our elites have repeatedly managed to muster up confidence in the most fundamentally unsound global economy in 80 years because to admit how deep the problems go would be to admit that our financial and political systems actually need some serious...

  • Don’t Kill Yourself if Your Candidate Loses

    According to some people, every election is the most important election of all time, every battle is the final battle, the United States of America is always coming to an end. Don't give into this madness.

  • Romney’s Dying, but the GOP’s OK

    Republicans are freaking out about a Romney loss, but announcing that one of our political parties is dying is an American pastime, just like announcing that the Dear Leader is still alive used to be a hobby in Communist countries.

  • Mitt Romney Hates the Crazy Christians Too

    Todd Akin and his ilk have the potential to link the Republican Party and the word "rape" permanently in the fickle minds of undecided voters. Romney's not thrilled about that.

  • America's Military Is About to Get Skinny

    Unless lawmakers pass a “ha ha just kidding” amendment to the Budget Control Act, the military will get a lot slimmer, along with the rest of the government.

  • Here’s Who Romney Should Pick for VP

    The America Mitt Romney sings songs about looks like Romney/Petraeus ’12. It’s that simple. Boring white guys who look like the uptight dean in a college party flick will never go out of style.

  • Obamacare Upheld: Everyone Start Yelling

    Chief Justice Roberts's deciding vote is a guarantee that American politics will jam itself deeper into the sausage grinder of mutual hate and masturbatory anger.

  • Obama, Interrupted

    A few years ago that asshole who interrupted Obama on Friday cut me off mid-sentence too. Surprisingly, that faux pas was widely unnoticed by the press.