• Why Dogs Are Better Than Humans at Jump Rope

    Both people and dogs love to socialize, explore new things, play with balls, eat steak...and, apparently, jump rope. Here stunt dog trainer Samantha Valle shows off how Geronimo can do double dutch.

  • Steve Jobs, Pitbull Lover

    In all the elegiac coverage of Steve Jobs, there hasn't been much discussion about dogs. Perhaps this is because dogs don't use Apple computers. They do spreadsheets in their heads. More likely, the dearth of canine-related Steve Jobs...

  • What Online Internet Websites Looked Like in 2001

    In 2001, the majority of Americans didn’t have the Internet.

  • To Live Deep and Suck Out All the Marrow of Life, A Smartphone Is Worse Than a Cigarette

    In the last ten years, I’ve had relationships with many hand-held digital objects, but none as intense as the one I had with the iPhone. Although we had our good times, I eventually came to feel that I was losing something of myself in the pairing...

  • Shocking: Here Are a Bunch of Humans Electrocuting Themselves With Dog Collars

    Here’s a weird form of torture porn that pops up on Youtube: People shocking themselves using electronic dog collars. Some history: Shock collars for dog training have been around for decades. Prior to the 1960s, many of them were homemade. When...


    Last night was probably a busy one for Bart Centre of New Hampshire. He is the founder of "Eternal Earthbound Pets":, a service that places pets who are not lifted into the sky during today's rapture into the loving...

  • Suckling From The Boob-Tube: Confessions of a Grown-up Raised by TV

    Aside from the occasional glimpse at the evening news, I rarely watch TV that can't be found on demand on my computer. Everything is there when I want it. But when I was a kid, I had dates with certain television programs. They had a time and place...

  • Rig Your Car to Defeat Urinating Cat Terroists

    My cat never pees where she oughtn't. She especially never pees on my car--but that's mostly because I don't have one. However, if I did have a cat/car pee problem, I would watch this video on repeat. Australian "Craig Turner":

  • Spring Cleaning With Summer Reading: A Xylophone Made From Books

    Books: Obsolete? Maybe. But they have so many other purposes... Kindling, flower press, doorstop, booster seat, and now: xylophone. h4. Connections: "'Game Boy Music' As Steve Reich Would Enjoy It":

  • The Beautiful Insides of Everyday Objects

    Everything is only the sum of its parts--but what are those parts? Most of the objects we live with are invisible to us.

  • The Dumb War Over "Dog Wars"

    This week, dog lovers have taken to the Internet to trounce upon a new Android app called Dog Wars. In the game’s teaser image, a pitbull’s face is covered with blood. The game leads you through how to feed, raise, train and even give steroids to your...

  • A Brief History of Teledildonics

    In 2000, Time magazine's Joel Stein tried--and failed-- to do the nasty with a porn star using an Internet-operated sex toy. How far we've come...or have we?