Brian Merchant

Brian Merchant

  • Blue Dusk

    On a colonized Mars, a scientist and a revolutionary grapple with whether to stay, or to fight.

  • Another Happy Superwally Employee

    An excerpt from the new near-future speculative fiction novel, A Song for a New Day.

  • e-race

    Behold: the augmented reality-enabled, government-mandated end of racism.

  • The Installation

    A horrifying, dystopian science fiction short that imagines the future of big pharma.

  • Seeking a Contemporary Education for My Daughter

    Welcome to the future of private education.

  • Reunion

    A near-future fairy tale about a long journey, a drone, and a family border separation.

  • The Portal

    Your job sucks, debt sucks, the present sucks. And now this portal opened up on aisle four. Would you jump through?

  • The Cruise

    In the era of climate crisis, a new kind of voyage awaits.

  • Still Life of a Death Broker

    Eventually, there will only be one thing left worth streaming.

  • Finding

    "We at this company believe that, for months, maybe years, you have been broadcasting a message. A message from you to yourself."

  • The Training Commission

    A speculative newsletter about post-Shitstorm America that has turned to algorithmic governance after a brutal second civil war.

  • Flicker On

    A US Army veteran brings us a truly singular vision of the future of warfare, in which AI is forced to confront the traumas of combat.