Carolyn Surh

  • Chefs in Shanghai Say It's Still the Wild, Wild East

    Despite the flies and the smells, it’s difficult to walk into a market in Shanghai and leave empty-handed. A handful of chefs even consider the chicken and pork to be vastly superior to that in the States—but sourcing ingredients for a Western...

  • Why Is It So Hard to Find Good Chinese Food in Shanghai?

    Chinese food in Shanghai simply isn't all that good. I'm not talking about Shanghainese cuisine, with its fatty pork and sweet, thick sauces. I'm talking about food from the diverse regions all over China, which Shanghai just can't seem to get right.

  • China's Terrifying Food Safety Track Record Is Creating Savvier Shoppers

    You won’t need to be in China long before you see something in a restaurant that makes you recoil. With the country's history of glow-in-the-dark pork and gutter oil, however, Chinese consumers are turning to imported food, which they regard as...