• VICE Movie Club - Drive

    The VICE Movie Club wasn't going to let the first American-made film from Danish nerd Nicolas Refn slide by unnoticed.

  • VICE Movie Club - "The Witches"

    I'm starting to think this movie is about a diabetic grandmother having a mental breakdown and talking to mice.

  • The Vice Movie Club - Bad Ronald

    For the latest VICE Movie Club, I invited a new gaggle of artists, directors, and cine-pals to submit their thoughts on Bad Ronald, an oddball thriller that smartly answers the question, "What if a delusional art dude secretly painted and lived...

  • Breaking Bad Set Visit: Part 2

    The evening before I scoped out the studio and sets of Breaking Bad in Albuquerque, a private dinner was held for a handful of press and four members of the cast. To my immediate left, I learned, was the executive producer and director Michelle...