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Amazon Employee Warns Internal Groups They’re Being Monitored For Labor Organizing

An Amazon spokesperson confirmed that the company monitors dozens of internal listservs but said that the program did not exist for the purposes that the employee described.
Lauren Kaori Gurley
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remote learning

Students Are Rebelling Against Eye-Tracking Exam Surveillance Tools

Invasive test-taking software has become mandatory in many places, and some companies are retaliating against those who speak out.
Todd Feathers
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VICE Magazine

Algorithms Are Automating Fascism. Here’s How We Fight Back

“Bias” can’t be fixed with a software update. Only by disrupting oppressive systems on every level can we make a more just world.
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Tech news

Facebook Is Treating Anti-Fascism the Same as Murder-Linked Conspiracy Groups

On Wednesday, Facebook deleted groups and limited ads belonging to QAnon conspiracists, far-right militias, and in a stunning example of false equivalence, anti-fascists.
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housing justice

This Map Lets You Report Landlords Using Tech to Screw Over Tenants

With mass-evictions on the horizon, Landlord Tech Watch sheds light on the surveillance tools used by landlords and real estate companies.
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People Who Tried to Change Their Passwords After Twitter Hack Are Still Locked Out

The issue appears to be widespread, potentially affecting anyone who took precautionary measures following news of the breach.
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Hackers Are Finding Footage on Police Body Cams They Bought on eBay

Hackers are buying used body cameras on eBay and finding troves of video evidence.
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DIY Networks

Activists Are Beaming Free Wi-Fi to Protesters at NYC’s City Hall Occupation

As protests against police violence continue, members of NYC Mesh built a network that provides internet access to the encampment without relying on Internet Service Providers.
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Occupy City Hall

New York’s City Hall Occupation Envisions a World Without Police

Much like the protests that preceded it, #OccupyCityHall is being powered by volunteers providing free food, face masks, medical assistance, and more.
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The Alpaca Ranch That’s Creating a Rural Utopia for Trans People

Hidden away in the Colorado countryside, the Tenacious Unicorn Ranch is becoming a sanctuary for queer and trans people with nowhere else to go.
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Algorithmic Bias

Over 1,000 AI Experts Condemn Racist Algorithms That Claim to Predict Crime

Technologists from MIT, Harvard, and Google say research claiming to predict crime based on human faces creates a "tech-to-prison pipeline" that reinforces racist policing.
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mutual aid

Meet The Volunteers Waiting Outside of Jails to Help Arrested Protesters

As nationwide protests continue, jail support has become a crucial lifeline for thousands of people facing arrest and police violence.
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