June Sprig

  • David Wallechinsky Is A Human Encyclopedia

    A longtime reader of this magazine (such as yourself) already knows about David Wallechinsky because you read the People's Lists feature in every issue.

  • Branches And Roots And... Pinecones

    Tall Firs are a Brooklyn band that has really calming vibes but also a low-level heaviness sort of thing going on. If I were a really lazy writer who relied on clichés, I would say that Tall Firs' music has a "sense of hushed intensity."

  • Out There

    Everybody likes to jaw on and on about indie rock and indie labels and indie magazines and indie rap (that's the worst indie), but what about indie distros?

  • Out There

    One Kiss Can Lead To Another is the coolest box set ever. It contains four discs of the best in girl-group music. Not a bunch of stuff you’ve heard a thousand times either. This is deep, deep collector shit.

  • Through The Flames

    New York's Gang Gang Dance are an avant-garde band that isn't boring, over-thought, or ugly.

  • Out There

    Cassette culture was a cornerstone of the indie and punk rock undergrounds of the 80s.

  • Freak The Fuck Out

    Vermont's Sunburned Hand of the Man are not fucking hippies.

  • Silver Fox

    Dave Berman, a.k.a. the Silver Jews, is the best lyricist in rock today. That might be because he is also at the top of the heap of the best published poets in America today. His new record, Tanglewood Numbers, features his wife, Cassie, and his...

  • Righteous Dad

    Gary went to jail in the 70s on a weed-possession rap, but right before he did he recorded this beautiful, smoky album full of soft and mellow and soulful jams.

  • Dog Ragas

    Sometimes dogs can remind you of wolves, I guess. Sometimes they couldn’t be further from wolves, and they are more like floppy, wimpy dishrags.

  • Out There

    I don't hate music from all over the world. In fact, I love lots of that. But I hate the world music that goes in the world music section.

  • Out There

    "Out there" music (like, "Wow that's some weird and far out free jazz") is one thing, but what about when music is literally out there?