Justin Robertson

  • What's Eating The Western Bulldogs?

    The Bulldogs have shown glimpses of brilliance coupled with patches of football they’d rather forget and quarters where they seems like they can’t keep up.

  • The Bombers Love Football Again

    Worsfold’s youthful Bombers are starting to gel, build momentum and breathe again after the Supplement Saga.

  • THE HERE-AND-NOW: Greater Western Sydney GIANTS

    For an expansion team like the Giants, winning a flag or becoming prime football real estate was never meant to happen overnight. The AFL planned it this way, for them to peak now, for them to grow into the team they’ve become.

  • Why Dustin Martin Should Leave The Tigers

    It’s hard to predict, with the team they have, if the Tigers are capable of making it beyond the first final within the next five to seven years, but one thing is for certain: if there was ever a time for Martin to call it quits with the Tigers, his time

  • How Patrick Dangerfield Became The AFL's Best

    "The challenge with Patty Dangerfield is that often when you are actually trying not to let him run free, he runs free anyway, because he's so quick. It's a bit like Goodesy." - Swans coach John Longmire on Dangerfield in 2012.

  • Making Sense Where There Is None: An Explanation Of The 2017 AFL Season Thus Far

    It's been a difficult season to figure out, a season where any team on any day can win. It's bewildering. And it's also awesome. So we decided to sit down and figure it all out.