Legs McNeil

Legs McNeil

  • The Time Patti Smith Broke My Heart

    The legendary Punk magazine editor Legs McNeil talks about the time he tried to interview his friend Patti Smith for the classic book Please Kill Me.

  • Getting Fucked Up with Tom Baker, Norman Mailer, and Jim Morrison

    A tale of lust, drugs, mistakes, and loss from famed punk historian Legs McNeil.

  • Jello Biafra Talks JonBenét Ramsey and H.R. Giger

    The famed Dead Kennedys' screamer reminisces about the old days of the Ramones, the tabloid frenzy surrounding the brutal murder of JonBenét Ramsey, and hanging out with GWAR and H.R. Giger.

  • Getting Stoned with Patti Smith

    In 1977, Patti had fallen off a stage in Tampa and broken her collarbone. Most nights Patti needed someone to keep her company until Allen came home from his gig, and I was enlisted to help out her out, in exchange for a six-pack of beer.

  • Dirty Water: The Story of the Standells

    Larry Tamblyn is one of the original members of the Standells, a group that recorded what many consider to be the first punk song, “Dirty Water," which is a 1965 ditty about how Boston is a shit hole. In honor of their upcoming spring tour around the...

  • Scott Asheton, Iggy Pop's Brother in Noise

    Scott Asheton was the greatest thug-rocker who ever lived. He was the ultimate hoodlum, standing outside of Discount Records in Ann Arbor, Michigan, spitting on cars. He passed away just over a week ago, so I dug up this old conversation, one of the...

  • Question Mark & the Mysterians: The Making of '96 Tears'

    The piercing organ riff, bare-bones vocal track, and low-fidelity production make "96 Tears" a safe candidate for first garage punk song ever, and if you haven’t heard it I feel sorry for you.

  • Moe Tucker - Snapshots of the Underground

    The first female drummer in one of the most revolutionary bands of all time.

  • Moe Tucker - Snapshots of the Velvet Underground

    As an average high school girl from Levittown, Long Island, Moe's life was actually saved by rock 'n' roll. Here's an oral history of the first female drummer in one of the most revolutionary bands of all time.

  • GG Allin's Last Day on Earth

    A conversation with Johnny Puke, who was present the night of GG's death.

  • GG Allin's Last Day on Earth

    When I was doing a reading tour of the south last winter, I became friendly with Johnny Puke, from Charleston, South Carolina. GG overdosed and died in Johnny's apartment in the East Village—this is his report.

  • Ron Asheton - King of the Stooges

    Ron and Scott Asheton were the nucleus of the Stooges, the greatest punk band in the world. In Iggy's words, “These guys were the laziest delinquent sorts of pig slobs ever born." Ron passed away in 2009, but not before I sat down with him for ten...