Lily Jovic

  • Thankyou City Think EDM Should Be Sexy

    Thank You City just took out the People’s Choice Award of the recent Budweiser Music Awards. We assume that’s the formal name for the Most Handjobs Award.

  • Ben Clement Photographs Weird Stuff And People Doing Funny Things

    Local photo guy Ben Clement moves between photography and video work, shooting for every publication you have in your house and a few you pretend to have.

  • Why Is No One Talking About Ben Zygier?

    Last month, Israel struck a 1.2 million dollar deal with the parents of Melbourne-born Mossad agent. The payout marks the end of the Prisoner X case, which despite having national security implications, did little to capture the attention of Australia...

  • Oprah (sort of) interviewed Outerwaves

    Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been brushing up on our social skills with the assistance of whoever ghostwrites Oprah’s blog. Over that time we’ve learnt that it’s totally socially acceptable to ask a near stranger what their mission is, and when the

  • What’s With the Australian Defence Force and Sexual Abuse?

    The Australian Defence Force has been struck with yet another sex scandal after a group of male army officers disseminated e-mails of themselves having sex along with derogatory remarks about the women involved.

  • Got Abused in the Australian Military? Today's your Last Chance to File a Claim

    David Hicks' US lawyer, Dan Mori, is now assisting in representing 80-odd ADF personnel abused while serving their country. We talked to him about the Defence Abuse Response Taskforce and why they aren’t bending over backwards to publicise the looming...