Max Siegelbaum

  • The Cairo Chef Who Helped Feed a Revolution

    In a tiny alley in downtown Cairo sits Fas'hat Somaya, a small restaurant that's open a mere three hours a day. You'd never guess that its chef honed her skills by cooking for protesters on the front lines of the Egyptian Revolution.

  • Cairo's Koshary Festival Was a Reckless Display of Carbs

    In an upscale neighborhood of Cairo, 50 chefs gathered to cook the world's largest dish of koshary—a cheap and carb-filled dish of rice, lentils, chickpeas, and pasta.

  • Inside the 1,000-Year-Old Gardens of Egypt

    In a remote part of Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, ancient gardens once tended by Bedouin tribes have fallen into disrepair. But after the 2011 revolution tanked the tourist economy, the tribesmen here have begun to return, providing a glimpse of a more...

  • Hanging with Morsi Supporters at a Muslim Brotherhood Rally in Cairo

    Yesterday, Egypt saw the culmination of the Tamarod Campaign, a massive petition calling for the impeachment of President Mohamed Morsi. The left-leaning, antiMorsi group took to the streets in the largest Egyptian protest since 2011's uprising. In...

  • This Egyptian Lingerie Salesman Is Now an Illegal Weapons Dealer

    Citizens in Egypt are arming themselves. The porous border with Libya combined with the looting of police stations during the revolution has flooded the country with illegal weapons. I sat down with a lingerie salesman turned arms dealer to learn more...

  • Teenagers Are Being Lynched in Egypt

    In a lawless power vacuum, being accused of stealing gas tanks can get you strung up and killed.