Tim Maughan

  • The 2030 Last-Minute Christmas Gift Guide

    From a Tier 1 Zone Day Pass to see how the 1% lives to the final installment in the Marvel vs Star Wars saga—these are *the* gifts of 2030.

  • Could We Blow Up the Internet?

    Is it possible to take down the internet by physically attacking its infrastructure?

  • No Redemption

    An exclusive excerpt from Infinite Detail, the debut novel by Tim Maughan

  • Be Good for Goodness’ Sake

    In a not-too-distant Christmas, Amazon's child-friendly surveillance elves will motivate your kid to be nice not naughty with the promise of nonstop streaming content and elfcoins.

  • Last Christmas

    Waking in a new, clearer winter wonderland.

  • ​Flyover Country

    Welcome to a future where undocumented migrants are penalized, prisons merge with labor camps, and iPhones are made in America.