Zach Schwartz

  • Ten Years After His Death, New Yorkers Still Love Ol' Dirty Bastard

    Considering the tenth anniversary of his death is right around the corner, I went out into the streets of New York to see what the people of Dirt McGirt's hometown have to say about his legacy.

  • I Played Chess with GZA of the Wu-Tang Clan

    As a rap nerd and a chess fan, how could I not try to challenge God Zig-Zag-Zig Allah in "the game of kings." I knew it would be difficult, but everything in life is simply a series of moves. I just had to make the right ones.

  • We Asked an Iraqi Teen What She Thinks of ISIS and America

    Islamic militants killed 28 women on her street, but after coming to the United States, this Iraqi teen girl said it's Americans who seem depressed.

  • Nate Hill Wears Naked White Women as Scarves

    I followed Nate Hill around for an afternoon as he went to two apartments to transform white women into naked fashion accessories. I asked him questions about his "Trophy Scarves" project along the way.