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  • Andrew W.K. on Clarity

    Not allowing ourselves to float aimlessly throughout life in a cloudy daze is an unquestionably hard challenge, but one we owe ourselves to face head on.

  • Andrew W.K. on Loving Your Enemy

    How an unspeakable act of kindness changed my life forever.

  • Andrew W.K. on Overcoming Hurt and Anger

    These raw emotions inside us are real power and real energy. They are not to be wasted or numbed out or squashed, but channeled and harnessed and used for good.

  • Andrew W.K. on Autumn

    "There seems to be no room in the summer for the melancholy feelings of despair inside us, and in fall, I find an outer recognition of my inner experience."

  • Andrew W.K. on Gambling

    We've already won an incredible jackpot called "being alive."

  • Andrew W.K. on Pressure

    "We've also been told that avoiding strife and strain is proof of real success in life. But deeper inside, we realize this can't be why we're here."