• If You Ask Me, the Fancy Food Show Is a Fancy Shit Show

    What started off as a food fair of sorts way back in the early 1900s—when exotic ingredients such as tiger and elephant were presented to the masses of newly “gourmet”-minded consumers—has devolved into a full-on circle jerk of industry folks flaunting...

  • I Got Plastered at the Cheese Rave

    Each year at the Cheesemonger Invitational, my colleagues come together to celebrate their knowledge of and love for all things dairy. But when the lights go out, it always deteriorates into a good old-fashioned bender.

  • Australian Feta Tastes Like a Young Mel Gibson's Sweaty Chest

    There's a certain Australian feta cheese that's stirring up addiction in the cheese world. Upon first bite—a high if you will—you will always strive to find again, like a shirtless Mel Gibson pre The Man Without a Face.

  • How to Avoid Sounding Like an Idiot at the Cheese Counter

    People are often worried about sounding like plebians at the cheese counter, but don't worry and don't clam up. You can tell me that the wheel of Pierre Robert tastes like butter, and I will understand.

  • The Grandparents of the Cheese World Hold All the Secrets

    Dealing with family during the holidays can make a rather rational person act like an excited 12-year-old. That's why we need affineurs—the grandparents of the cheese world—who have the wisdom to set us straight.

  • Manchego Is the Product of a Sheep's Wet Dream

    The fabled territory of La Mancha, Spain is not just the home of a psychedelic voyager and a bunch of windmills. Manchego, one of the most sought after sheep's cheeses in the world, comes from the wet dreams of wooly creatures that roam the hills of...