• Welcome Back the Nicki Minaj We Fell In Love With

    You Know That Nicki Minaj Verse on “Monster” that is always referenced? All her new stuff is like that too.

  • An Interview With Lil Mouse, the 14-Year-Old Drill Rapper

    At 14, he just released an album and is carrying his whole team on his back.

  • Chiraq

    Filmed at his house in the suburbs of Chicago, Keef spends his time whipping doughnuts around the backyard on an ATV. There, we talk to the rapper and meet fellow GBE members who show us what happens when Sosa drops $10,000 on paintball equipment.

  • Chiraq

    We continue exploring the Sosa phenomena, the segregation of Chicago, and the societal forces behind the violent lives of the young people on the South Side. Later, we catch up with Young Chop, who explains what he's done to succeed, and he introduces...

  • Chiraq

    In episode six of Chiraq, we tag along with rising super-producer Young Chop, who—despite being the most successful beatmaker to emerge from the Chicago rap scene—still doesn't have his license. His mom drives him around.

  • What’s Going on With DJ Kenn?

    He still works closely with the extended GBE family but these days, Kenn is producing for a couple of Japanese rappers named Seeda and DJ Isso.