claire milbrath

  • The Strange, David Lynch-Esque Photo Spreads of 'The Editorial Magazine'

    We're not really sure what the underlying theme is, but there's something inarguably Lynchian about the work the odd magazine publishes.

  • Christmas Is Coming

    Gray contemplates a lifetime spent on Santa's "nice" list.

  • Body Talk

    Here's an intimate fashion shoot from Claire Milbrath, and by "intimate" we mean that there are a lot of butts in it.

  • VICE 2014 Photo Issue Event Photos

    We held three parties to launch our 2014 Photo Issue and they yielded a series of great photographs of their own. Here they are.

  • Gray's Vacation

    Claire Milbrath is back with a new comic about trying to overcome the doldrums of summer with an adventure.

  • Groin Gazing

    Hi everyone, here is a fashion shoot starring boners. Photos by Claire Milbrath. Styling by Mila Franovic.