cook it raw

  • Hunting for the Future at Cook It Raw Alberta

    At the latest Cook It Raw, world-class chefs came together to snuff out ego in the restaurant industry and search for the unknown with the help of their Canadian surroundings.

  • Cook It Raw Alberta and the Art of Slowing Down

    In its early beginnings, Cook It Raw—an annual, off-the-grid gathering of the world’s most dynamic chefs—was perceived as a revelation. But as the eighth gathering is upon us, it’s time for a great change.

  • Cook It Raw: Milpa Farming in the Yucatán

    In the second edition of Cook it Raw Yucatán, Alessandro Porcelli and a group of chefs advance their conversation about local food culture, explore local milpa farming systems and plant seeds, and demonstrate the preparation of pork confit tamales and...

  • Cook It Raw: The Art of Mayan Cuisine in the Yucatán

    Cook It Raw, an annual gathering of chefs, heads to Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula to learn about the art of ancient Mayan cooking.