• Eat Like a Japanese Person If You Want to Live Longer

    In 2005, Japan released its “spinning top” diet, which emphasized water, tea, and exercise above all, but also a balanced intake of grains, vegetables, fruits, and plenty of fish and meat.

  • My Dashi Recipe Lived Through a 9.0 Earthquake in Japan

    My wife and I didn’t understand the severity of the earthquake at first; we intended to ride it out and stay. When I finally called my parents to tell them that I was OK, they broke it all down to me: the nuclear meltdown, the damage from the tsunami...

  • Dashi Recipe

    This dashi recipe makes the perfect base for Japanese soups. Add any of your favorite vegetables or meats, all at once, and simmer away. You can season with soy or miso to taste.

  • Nikkei Ceviche Recipe

    This super-fresh ceviche features prawn and uni and has a complex, Japanese-inspired sauce that showcases its Nikkei approach.

  • It Takes Submarines, Hashish, and Volcanic Rocks to Make a Good Beer

    Garage Project is a New Zealand company that pushes the envelope with every batch of beer—counting superheated volcanic rocks, submarines, and hashish made from hops among their brew-making toolkit.

  • We Should Be Eating Seaweed by the Bucketload

    So nutrient-dense and sustainable it's almost silly, it's high time we started looking to seaweed as a regular food source beyond spirulina pills and the stuff found in store-bought miso soups.