• Fried Milk Sundae Recipe

    Thicken sweetened milk into a creamy custard, then batter and fry it in this whimsical version of an ice cream sundae.

  • Gluten-Free Bûche de Noël Recipe

    Make Dominique Ansel's celebratory gluten-free yule log for your next holiday gathering, complete with rich chocolate biscuit, creamy chocolate mousse, and lavish decorations.

  • Chocolate Olive Oil Cookies with Sea Salt Recipe

    Olive oil creates a silky, rich texture that enhances the flavor of these sweet and salty dark chocolate chip cookies.

  • Forbidden Doughnuts Recipe

    These fluffy doughnuts, of The Simpsons notoriety, are baked until golden, then spun in a glossy, trademark pink glaze and showered in rainbow sprinkles.

  • Homemade Ice Cream Cake Recipe

    Make this nostalgic cake right at home, complete with 2 layers of homemade ice cream ribboned with cookie crunchies and covered with dark chocolate ganache and vanilla icing.

  • Homemade Oatmeal Cream Pie Recipe

    Marshmallow cream is sandwiched by two soft and chewy oatmeal cookies in this homemade take on the nostalgic snacking pie.