Fernet Branca

  • The Artful Slaughter Begins with a Rub Behind the Ears

    Last weekend, I joined a bunch of chefs in Cornwall, England, at the behest of Tom Adams, Pitt Cue Co.'s owner and Mangalitsa lover to learn how to kill the Rolls Royce of pigs from the Austrian porcine authority, Christoph Wiesner.

  • I Ate Myself Horny at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark

    At Denmark's most famous music festival, I sat down to a four-course aphrodisiac dinner that promised to stir my animal urges with crispy balls of blood pudding, “hay milk” cheese, and a hell of a lot of booze.

  • Battersby

    The chef-owners of Battersby, Joe Ogrodnek and Walker Stern, take their jobs very seriously. They also take drinking Fernet Branca very seriously. In this episode of Munchies, these two gentlemen grabbed their sous chef Mike Sowa and headed to Henry...