gay stuff

  • Hey Justice Scalia, Are These Sex Acts OK?

    Antonin Scalia told Princeton students that bans on murder were equivalent to bans on homosexuality and that laws that prohibited "immoral" activity were fine. So what other sex acts would he be OK with us banning? Would Scalia like to make it illegal...

  • Slaying the Snot-Sneezing Dragon

    Guys in prison jack off so much they’ll try damn near anything. I used to spray hot water from an artificial lemon all over my sac when I busted just ‘cause I had nothing better to do. I once had a toilet in a cell with a stainless steel seat that...

  • Supporting the Troops Through Sexting

    There’s one subject that seems to get most military guys riled up, just like anybody else: penises. One soldier, whose profile says only, “Give me your porn,” responded to my “hi” with close-up photos of his hard cock, including one shot of himself wet...

  • Blowjobs, Satanists, and Tiny American Flags in Valley Forge National Park

    Beneath the park's quaint exterior is a subculture of anonymous gay sex and satanism. I haven’t seen any dead bodies, but there’s always something going on in the wilds—beyond the road, out where the sex addicts and scary monsters lurk. That’s where I...

  • Ryan and Dan

    Ryan and Dan met on the gay meat market site Ryan's a self-proclaimed rimhead... he's really into rimming. He's also a crusader for letting people enjoy themsleves after they cum instead of immediately worrying about pleasing their partner.

  • Brian and John

    Brian and John are boyfriends. For this sex session, they used a special Astroglide lube and then John sat on Brian’s dick. They purposefully didn’t have sex for a few days before we interviewed them because they wanted to be good hosts.